A sexual predator and a white supremacist vie for Senate seats, giving the GOP just what it deserves

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One of the few good things happening in the world of politics this week is Mitch McConnell getting the double headache of Roy Moore and Kris Kobach launching Senate bids in what should be safe Republican states, Alabama and Kansas, respectively.

To increase his chances of holding the chamber in 2020, when Republicans are going to be defending 21 seats, McConnell needs to flip the Alabama seat Democrat Doug Jones currently holds, and retain the seat currently held by Kansan Pat Roberts. Now, there are going to be ugly primaries in both states, and the Republican electorate in each could be extreme enough to actually put those nightmare candidates through to the general.

Talking about Kobach, a Republican operative told the Hill, “We don’t need to be having any problems, it’s not a state we can stumble in. The map for the majority is OK, but if you have to start diverting resources to Kansas it complicates things.” He also called Alabama a “must-win state.” Another Republican strategist says that “people like Kris Kobach and Roy Moore threaten that” message that these are safe Republican seats and will help McConnell hold the Senate. The two candidates “both have a record of losses that doesn’t sit well with Republican voters,” and are an “unnecessary headache” and a “distraction.”

It’s only appropriate that a sexual predator and a hard-line anti-immigration white supremacist are rising up to challenge the supposed mainline establishment Republican Party in this of all election timelines. Republicans most definitely do not want the defining characteristics of their president and their party to be the focus of debate. Too bad for them.

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Source: dailykos