Abbreviated pundit roundup: What's at stake in the midterms


We begin today’s roundup with Jesse Lee’s excellent post at The Huffington Post on what’s at stake in the midterms:

If Republicans squeak by in both chambers and have another two-year runway to do whatever they want, to grab whatever they can and to rig the 2020 election, we don’t have to imagine what will happen. They have already told us. […]  Progressives have spent the last year turning out, running for office and winning special elections on a positive message. Candidates have become causes by embracing an aspirational vision of a government that looks out for all of us.

That’s how it should be. But if anybody needs another motivation, there is also plenty to fear — not just more of the same, but much more and much worse. Now is the chance to take a stand.

Paul Krugman highlights one such prospect — the GOP’s gutting of Social Security and Medicare:

Whatever they may have said, they never actually believed that the tax cut would be deficit-neutral; they pushed for a tax cut because it was what wealthy donors wanted, and because their posturing as deficit hawks was always fraudulent. They didn’t really buy into economic nonsense; it would be more accurate to say that economic nonsense bought them. […] Dishonesty about the sources of the deficit is, however, more or less a standard Republican tactic. What’s new is the double talk that pervades G.O.P. positioning on the budget and, to be fair, just about every major policy issue.

Source: Left