After eight years in the majority, Republicans still don't know how House rules work

The House of Representatives under Democratic leadership took its ninth vote to reopen government Thursday, the 27th day of the shutdown. And Republicans freaked the hell out because they forgot how Congress works.

They let a continuing resolution funding government until Feb. 8 pass by a voice vote. Republicans let that happen because even after eight years in the majority, they still can’t do governing.

No one on the Republican side remembered that to stop a voice vote, someone has to object to it. C-SPAN checked the tape, and “no GOP member is heard on the tape asking for a vote.” The House then moved on to housekeeping business to wrap up before recess was called. Then, all of a sudden, the Republicans realized what had just happened, and had a fit, trying to get Democrats to give them a do-over.

Just to make this clear: The Republicans screwed up procedure, lost the vote, and had a hissy fit on the floor, all so they could VOTE AGAINST REOPENING GOVERNMENT.

They still don’t know how to do this. And they’re horrible.

Source: dailykos