Alarming FBI agents union report details the ways the shutdown is putting national security at risk

Donald Trump claims he simply had to shutdown the U.S. government over $5 billion of border wall funding, all in the name of national security. Never mind that border security experts have said the wall is ineffectual and high-tech monitoring is far more effective: Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have shut down the federal government and put the financial security of millions of Americans at risk. Among those federal workers taking an enormous hit and required to work without pay are the agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

In a detailed report released today, the FBI Agents Association says quite frankly that the national security of the United States is at risk every minute this shutdown drags on. In the words of FBI agents, here are some of the ways our national security is increasingly at risk. From background checks, counter-terrorism operations, child sexual assault investigations, to cybersecurity operations,  no area is spared.

Each of the boxes below are quotes from FBI agents in different field offices around the world. 

From counter-terrorism operations:

“As a Joint Terrorism Task Force Coordinator, the inability to pay Confidential Human Sources has had a detrimental effect on our counter-terrorism investigations and operations. We have lost several sources who have worked for months, and years, to penetrate groups and target subjects. These assets cannot be replaced.… Serving my country has always been a privilege, but it has never been so hard or thankless.”        — Western Region

To worldwide national security operations:

Source: dailykos