Arizona sued over curriculum that bans positive portrayal of 'homosexual lifestyle' in schools

In case you thought LGBTQ issues were “over,” here’s an unfortunate wake-up call. In Arizona, state law explicitly prohibits sex education from covering LGBTQ inclusive information. The law, which was enacted in 1991 and covers both public and charter schools, bans sex education that “promotes a homosexual lifestyle,” “portrays homosexuality as a positive alternative lifestyle,” or suggests that some methods of sex are “safe methods of homosexual sex.”

So, along with limiting inclusive education (that of which could prevent illness and disease, increase consent discussions, and literally save lives), the law outright shames LGBTQ people. 


Luckily, Lambda Legal and the National Center for Lesbian Rights have teamed up to file a federal lawsuit. The lawsuit is on behalf of two students (a 12-year-old queer non-binary student who attends school in Tuscon and a 15-year-old gay student, identified as A.A. in the suit, who goes to school in the Phoenix area) and Equality Arizona. Names of both students have been withheld for obvious reasons.

Source: dailykos