Bye bye. Adios. Arrivederci. Ciao. Tschüss. Sayōnara. Paalam. Zàijiàn. Zōi Gīn

We’re looking at it very strongly.

The likes of which no one’s never seen. 


China China China.

Russia Russia Russia.

Losers and haters.

Fake news.

Stable genius.

Believe me. 

That’s just a brief glimpse of the rhetorical flourishes we’ll be missing out on as a nation come noon Eastern on January 20, 2021. It’s not that Donald Trump is suddenly going to crawl back under a rock on that glorious day, but at least anyone trying to follow the news in Washington won’t necessarily be tortured at every turn by his latest imbecilic utterance accompanied by a photo of his unfortunate mug. So in honor of the fact that not a single one of us in the Daily Kos community can wait for Trump to be booted from office, here’s a short photo essay celebrating some of what we’ll be bidding adieu in the New Year.

The Links

The Looks 

The Oval

The Kingpin

The Lean

The Hair

The Classics

Source: dailykos