Coronavirus live news: Austria's president apologises for curfew breach

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France asks citizens to avoid foreign trips; US likely to impose travel restrictions on Brazil; Afghanistan cases top 10,000

9.42pm BST

In the US, discrepancies in how different states are reporting testing and infection figures is causing “frustration and confusion”, AP reports.

Elected officials, businesses and others are depending on coronavirus testing and infection-rate data as states reopen so that they will know if a second wave of contagion is coming and whether another round of stay-at-home orders or closings might be needed.

But states are reporting those figures in different ways, and that can lead to frustration and confusion about what the numbers mean.

9.21pm BST

“Eid is not Eid with the atmosphere of coronavirus – people feel a sense of fear,” worshipper Akram Taher said in Gaza.

Muslims around the world have been marking a sombre Eid al-Fitr, as coronavirus lockdowns worldwide restrict celebrations.

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Source: theguardian