Coronavirus live news: new restrictions in north-east England; hospitalisations of 15 to 49-year-olds rising, says WHO

Average age of people infected with Covid-19 is coming down, says WHO expert; third-highest new caseload in France; local lockdowns in Madrid

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Chile’s health minister has urged Chileans to celebrate the country’s independence day holiday on Friday “prudently” amid fears that a special permit allowing people to hold and attend family gatherings could result in a surge in coronavirus cases.

The day is normally marked by exuberant communal fairs to which Chileans flock in large numbers to watch horseback displays and traditional dancing, while consuming large quantities of barbecued beef, stuffed empanada pastries, and alcohol.

Let’s be careful and responsible, let’s comply with the rules, let’s beat the virus. Just as our forefathers won freedom for Chile and gave us that freedom with effort and sacrifice, hopefully our citizens today will also take up that baton.

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This is from Jessica Elgot, the Guardian’s deputy political editor.

North east lockdown in Tyne and Wear will be some of toughest yet. Source says no socialising outside your household groups inside or out and a 10pm curfew. Major disquiet from those briefed on plan about lack of extra tests or support for business…

I have constituents being sent hundreds of miles for tests. We have local test centres which have got capacity that aren’t being used because they’re being told they can’t handle the number of results.

And Nadine Dorries [UK health minister] this afternoon gave us no confidence that the government is going to put a proper test-and-trace system in. That needs to be given to local authorities and directors of public health, which should have been done from the start instead of trying to micromanage the system nationally with private companies – which is just not working.

Labour MP for North Durham Kevan Jones says “testing in the North East is a complete shambles” as Sky News understands tighter lockdown restrictions are set to be imposed in the North East.

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