Coronavirus live news: South America is now pandemic's epicentre, says WHO

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Madrid and Barcelona to ease lockdown as Spain’s death toll stays under 100 again; 660,000 people forced to flee homes during crisis despite UN global ceasefire call

9.55pm BST

The placentas of 16 pregnant women found to have Covid-19 during routine testing at a Chicago hospital all showed evidence of injury, indicating that women infected with coronavirus may need close monitoring during pregnancy, researchers have said.

Of the group, 15 delivered healthy babies, while one miscarried. None of the live babies tested positive for Covid-19.

These findings support that there might be something clot-forming about coronavirus, and it’s happening in the placenta.

9.38pm BST

Peru has extended its state of emergency until the end of June with only a very partial lifting of its lockdown as infections continue to climb despite more than two months of confinement.

Peru is the second-worst affected Latin American country, with more than 111,000 cases and a death toll of 3,148, according to official figures.

It’s not just an extension … there is a strategy to combat the virus. This disease will not beaten in a short time. It’s not a 100m sprint, it’s a marathon.

Over the course of the last 60 days we have made great efforts but we have to make another qualitative jump in the health sector.

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Source: theguardian