Coronavirus US live: Trump to revise physical distancing guidelines despite experts' warnings

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8.48pm GMT

Washington Governor Jay Inslee implored Trump to do more to assist the states hardest hit by the pandemic during a conference call with the president and governors on Thursday.

According to the Washington Post, Trump promised “backup” for the states.

Murphy: we don’t have enough PPE to go around. We’re reaching our testing capacity limit. Federal government needs to expand capacity to make things in order to meet public health challenge. Why hasn’t the president taken control of the supply chain? It’s barbaric.

8.29pm GMT

My colleague Ed Helmore has this report on a new date compiled by CNBC that suggests the coronavirus may be deadlier than the 1918 flu.

Precisely how contagious and deadly COVID-19 is may still be a matter of debate, but three months after it emerged in China it has infected approximately 500,000 and killed 22,000.

Using an infectious disease scale based on the number of deaths divided by the number of infections, Covid19 comes up, in epidemiological terms, with an “R naught” value of 2.

While R naught can fluctuate over time as more data is collected and conditions change, the World Health Organisation puts COVID-19 at 1.95, others at 2.2.

Infectious disease specialists say the 1918 Spanish flu, which killed an estimated 30m to 50m, had an R naught of about 1.8 and a mortality rate of 2.5%.

The report concludes that if the current 4.5% mortality rate of COVID-19 drops ( the estimates may be skewed high as a result of incomplete data, and are based on data collected before social distancing efforts to stop the spread were put in place), it won’t be as bad as the 1918 flu.

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Source: theguardian