Daily Kos announces support of Pelosi in House Speaker bid

Today, Daily Kos Founder and Publisher Markos Moulitsas announced the organization’s endorsement of Rep. Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Grassroots progressives were essential to delivering the U.S. House majority to Democrats in this election, and Daily Kos fully supports recognizing the will of this crucial community and proudly endorses Pelosi for Speaker,” said Moulitsas. “Pelosi is not only the House Speaker Democrats need and deserve in the hour of their triumph; she’s also Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. Democrats are coming off their biggest net gain of House seats since Watergate, and Pelosi—with her unwavering focus on health care as a winning midterm issue, tireless campaigning, and fundraising leadership—deserves immense credit for the party’s incoming House majority.

“Pelosi has proven herself time and time again to be a skilled and effective leader of both the Democratic Party and of the House itself,” Moulitsas continued. “Her speakership will not only again be historic, but it will also provide an essential check on Trump as he continues to threaten and undermine our democracy.”

Daily Kos has led the way in supporting Democrats across the country this cycle, raising over $8.7 million for candidates in small, grassroots donations in 2017-2018. We will continue this crucial work into the 2020 cycle.

Source: dailykos