Deal Reached with Mexico Will Make Asylum Seekers Wait Outside of US Border

Deal Reached with Mexico Will Make Asylum Seekers Wait Outside of US Border

The Trump administration has reached a deal with Mexico which will make asylum seekers wait in Mexico while their cases are processed.

No formal deal has been signed which is making US officials anxious the deal could fall apart.

This move by the Trump administration is the latest to end Obama’s dangerous ‘catch and release’ that allowed illegal aliens to wait in the US while lawyers worked on their immigration cases.

Under Obama’s ‘catch and release’ policy, illegal aliens would often just disappear into the US population and ignore orders to appear in court regarding their immigration status.

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The Chicago Tribune reported:

The Trump administration has won the support of Mexico’s incoming government for a plan to remake U.S. border policy by requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims move through U.S. courts, according to Mexican officials and senior members of president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s transition team.

The agreement would break with long-standing asylum rules and place a formidable new barrier in the path of Central American migrants attempting to reach the United States and escape poverty and violence. By reaching the accord, the Trump administration has also overcome Mexico’s historic reticence to deepen cooperation with the United States on an issue widely seen here as America’s problem.

According to outlines of the plan, known as Remain in Mexico, asylum applicants at the border will have to stay in Mexico while their cases are processed, potentially ending the system Trump decries as “catch and release” that has until now generally allowed those seeking refuge to wait on safer U.S. soil.

“For now, we have agreed to this policy of Remain in Mexico,” said Olga Sánchez Cordero, Mexico’s incoming interior minister, the top domestic policy official for López Obrador, who takes office Dec. 1. In an interview with The Washington Post, she called it a “short-term solution.”

President Trump has vowed to keep out the migrant caravan full of mostly military-aged males, many of which have criminal histories.

But the President is battling globalist Obama judges in the ninth circuit court.

On Tuesday, President Trump lashed out at the liberal activist ‘Obama judge’ in San Francisco who put his asylum policy on hold.

There are now 5,000 to 6,000 illegal caravan migrants in Tijuana, Mexico waiting to seek asylum into the United States.

According to estimates 500 of those migrants are criminals.

The Mayor of Tijuana declared a humanitarian crisis and asked international aid on Thursday.

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