Democrats and progressives won Midterm 2018: Here is how we keep the win

Democrats always seem to be on the defensive when running. They always attempt to run to a false center, a Republican-lite stance. Progressives won this round because most were unapologetically progressive, if not in words in policies.

Beto O’Rourke came closer than anyone, including Bill White, the former centrist mayor of Houston by being an abashed progressive even when campaigning in the reddest of Texas districts. Stacey Abrams could take her race to a runoff even with head-hurricane of voter suppression. The same applies to Andrew Gillum, though unlikely. John Culberson (R-TX) as well as Pete Sessions (R-TX), two influential Republicans, succumbed to candidates who never ran to the mythical center.

These progressive Democratic winners combed and nurtured their districts explaining the policies they stood for and why it was best for their constituents. Beto O’Rourke even took on criminal justice as he defended the NFL players right and reasons for kneeling in one of the most eloquent and historically accurate interpretations of the reality of people of color. We know many┬árun away from the topic for fear of losing the white vote not realizing they likely lose more elections to apathy than to racism.

Interestingly, Donald Trump recently came out in support of sentencing reform. MSNBC reported the following.

President Donald Trump pledged his support for a major overhaul of sentencing laws and prisoner re-entry programs at the White House on Wednesday. Trump’s backing for the package, which is still being drafted in the Senate, has been seen as a key factor in providing political cover for Republicans and Democrats to vote for an overhaul that would diminish criminal penalties for some offenders and make it easier for former inmates to find work.

Trump framed a planned reduction in certain mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses and other proposed sentencing provisions as a bid to fix President Bill Clinton’s 1994 anti-crime law. “It rolls back some of the provisions of the Clinton crime law that disproportionately harmed [the] African-American community,” Trump said at a White House event.

Source: dailykos