Domestic terrorism: Trump's DHS moves to weaken the ability to prevent attacks

We know that far-right domestic terrorism is on the rise—not just in the United States, but globally. We know the same is true of the hateful ideology of white nationalism fueling it.

Now we also know that the Trump administration has no intention of confronting or even monitoring all this.

Earlier this week, the Daily Beast reported that the final vestiges of the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence-gathering section devoted to monitoring far-right domestic terrorism had been finally shuttered completely, after years of hovering in a kind of twilight zone within the agency. The office, a special branch within the section known as Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), was eviscerated initially after a 2009 DHS bulletin warned of the likelihood of military veterans being recruited by far-right groups, leading to an uproar in right-wing media and an eventual apology from the DHS secretary. Afterwards, the group’s chief analyst, Daryl Johnson, went to work in the private sector, and DHS officials reduced the group to two or three people.

Source: dailykos