EVERY shutdown poll finds voters blame Trump by very large margins

CNN’s Monday-morning poll finding that fully 55 percent of voters blame Donald Trump for the longest government shutdown in history, while just 32 percent blame Democrats, is only the latest in a series of polls with similar findings. 

The 23-point deficit in the poll conducted from Jan. 10-11 was indicative of a polling trend that included a 24-point deficit on the high end and a 14-point deficit at the lowest in one of the earliest polls on the shutdown.

ABC/Washington Post: 53 percent Trump and Republicans, 29 percent Democrats
CBS/YouGov: 47 percent Trump, 30 percent Democrats
Reuters/Ipsos: 51 percent Trump, 32 percent Democrats
Politico/Morning Consult: 47 percent Trump, 33 percent Democrats

The CNN poll also found Trump’s disapproval rating on the rise, growing five points since December to 57 percent, while his approval rating remained almost static at 37 percent. 

Not all polls asked about Trump’s approval rating, but even Trump’s favorite suck-up poll, Rasmussen, put Trump’s approvals Monday at their lowest in a year—43 percent. 

Just last month, Trump was boasting that Rusmussen had his approval rating at 50 percent. Not so much anymore—even his favorite outfit can’t find a way to spin his shutdown mess in a positive direction.

Monday, Jan 14, 2019 · 7:25:40 PM +00:00

Kerry Eleveld

UPDATE: Quinnipiac too: 56% blame Trump, 36% blame Democrats; also 61% support border security *without* wall funding.

Source: dailykos