Exclusive: Journalist Nearly Has His Skull Bashed with Hammer by ANTIFA

Exclusive: Journalist Nearly Has His Skull Bashed with Hammer by ANTIFA


ANTIFA is known for their unpredictable and rampant violence. This is a first hand account of a Journalist who was almost bashed in the skull with a hammer.

“On February 11th I showed up to the No More State Murder Protest. The event was planned just two days after Greg Taylor murdered one woman and critically injured another. I came to document the event and wanted to find out why they would be chanting the name of the murderer and not the victims. Within minutes of arriving to document the protest I was approached by John Henry Dulaney and two others while they harassed me with strobe lights and umbrellas. The group of three harassed me for a block while I retreated from the event, blinded by their lights and umbrellas. After some time passed I was able to get the group to disengage and return to the protest.”

“Later I caught up with the protest downtown and was attacked by ANTIFA. One shoved me while another used spray paint on my camera and face. Another threatened me asking “Do you feel safe?” I responded by letting him know I feel plenty safe, he responded with “WAIT UNTIL LATER“.

“Just before 7:30PM the group of protestors marching back to the original starting location at Seattle Central College and then moved into Cal Anderson park through a set of stairs just across the street from the school. Noticing the group enter a dark alleyway I decided to break away from the group and take another exit towards the park. Realizing I was alone, I moved down the second set of stairs away from the group. Once I reached the bottom of the stairs I set my camera stand down to film the group exiting into the park.

At exactly 7:30PM I noticed a sound of rustling from the stairs. I turned to look behind me and a person I was there with began telling me,”He’s got a hammer!” referring to the ANTIFA protestor Aaron Steigler running with a small hammer in his hand. He ran away to avoid my camera and while doing so he threw a hammer in my direction. I’m not sure if he meant for it to hit me or if he was just scared and trying to dispose of his evidence.

After Primetime Patriot almost had his head smashed in, he is heard asking another man who had just been attacked with the hammer if he’s okay.

Primetime Patriot attempts to confront Aaron Steigler nights after he attacked him and another person with a hammer.

 Aaron Steilger, the man responsible for the hammer attacks. 


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