FBI is finally launching database to track deadly police encounters

 The federal government just announced they are starting a national database that will track when law enforcement officers use deadly force, as reported by the Associated Press. The point? To give more transparency. Because as we all know, police brutality and violence can be all too common, especially with marginalized identities.

The database, which launches this coming January, aims to record gender, age, and ethnicity, along with the obvious details of when a death or serious bodily injury occurs. It’ ll also track when a cop discharges their firearm in the direction of, or at, someone.

One significant limitation to this database is that police departments are not actually required to report incidents at the federal level. As reported by the Associated Press, mid-size and larger agencies are most likely to provide the data. For perspective, about 11,000 agencies (out of 18,000 across the country) provide information to a related FBI database as it is.

Source: dailykos