Federal authorities are investigating covert Chinese intelligence operations at Mar-a-Lago

From day 1, U.S. intelligence experts warned that Donald Trump’s use of his private club in Florida was a national security risk. From high-tech listening devices that could be used by foreign governments to monitor conversations and cell phone usage from boats offshore to the apparent selling of access to Donald Trump himself, all of it has posed red flags.

In fact, we don’t know exactly how vulnerable the vacation home of Donald Trump truly is because there has been a lack of transparency. Whatever fears the experts had will surely be compounded now that a Yujing Zhang, a Chinese national, apparently lied her way into Mar-a-Lago and was only caught when a rather astute receptionist at the golf club, not the Secret Service, began asking questions, and Zhang’s story began to unravel. After being detained, she was found to be carrying two passports, a laptop, four cellphones and a thumb drive containing malicious software.

Now the Miami Herald  is reporting that there is a broader federal investigation into Chinese intelligence operations inside Mar-a-Lago, sparked by the investigation of Li “Cindy” Yang, the founder of the Palm Beach spa where Patriots owner Robert Kraft was arrested for soliciting prostitution. Yang had been spending a lot of time at Mar-a-Lago, and has been accused of selling access to the club, which means selling access to Donald Trump and his family. Yang posted photos of herself on several social media platforms with Trump and his family.

Source: dailykos