Feds Raided Trump Fundraiser’s Office Seeking Documents Related to Trump Admin Associates

Feds Raided Trump Fundraiser’s Office Seeking Documents Related to Trump Admin Associates

GOP, Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy

Feds raided GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy’s Los Angeles office last July looking for documents related to “Trump administration associates” and his dealings with foreign officials, according to a new report.

Elliott Broidy, a California businessman, was the deputy finance chair of the RNC and previously served as finance vice chairman of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and inauguration committee.

The Washington Post reported in August that the feds were investigating Elliott Broidy, but the search warrant revealed details of his potential crimes (aside from being Donald Trump’s fundraiser which is apparently a crime these days).

ProPublica reported that the sealed search warrant, which was filed in July of 2018, cited three potential crimes including conspiracy, money laundering and violations of the law barring covert lobbying on behalf of foreign officials.

Federal agents were actually authorized to use Broidy’s hands and face to unlock his devices that required fingerprint or facial scans!

Via ProPublica:

The warrant, filed in July 2018, targeted Broidy’s office in Los Angeles. The scope of what authorities were seeking was broad. They planned to seize any evidence related to a list of dozens of people, countries and corporate entities, according to the warrant. Among the names on the list are Rick Gates, the former Trump campaign official who has pleaded guilty in the Mueller probe; Colfax Law Office, the firm founded by Robin Rosenzweig, Broidy’s wife; and several foreign countries.

Broidy, an investor based in Los Angeles, pleaded guilty in 2009 to charges connected to his role in a major New York state public corruption and bribery case. But after backing Trump for president, he saw his star rise again. After the inauguration, he played a central role in filling administration vacancies, according to reports by ProPublica and others.

However, he once again quickly became mired in controversy, amid allegations of influence peddling and his dealings with the former Playboy model.

The search warrant shows that federal authorities are interested in Broidy’s alleged work for the Malaysian financier Jho Low, who is at the center of a sprawling international scandal known as 1MDB. In November, the Justice Department unveiled a bribery and money laundering case against Low.

In a separate filing in November, the Justice Department alleged that Broidy was paid by Low to lobby Trump administration officials to ease off on U.S. investigations into Low. Broidy is not identified by name in the filings, but he is widely reported to be the person referred to as “Individual No. 1.” Broidy has not been charged with a crime, and it’s unclear what the status of the investigation is.

Strangely, Hillary Clinton and the Podestas never get raided by the feds for doing the exact same thing.

Hillary Clinton actually struck a deal with the DOJ and FBI NOT to investigate Clinton Foundation emails found on her private server.

This is a clear example of the two-tiered justice system that is infecting this country — Hillary Clinton’s attorneys were allowed to “negotiate” with the feds to make sure they didn’t find her Clinton Foundation emails which would show she was peddling influence and power in a pay-to-play scheme while she was the head of the Department of State.

In contrast, the FBI, guns drawn, breaks down the doors of Trump associates in pre-dawn raids and violates attorney client privilege without fear of reprisal.

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