Florida elections still too close to call as Senate race goes to hand recount – live

8.42pm GMT

The vote tallies are moving the wrong way for Bill Nelson. Rick Scott’s campaign estimates that it has increased its lead by 865 votes to over 13,000.

Rick Scott campaign estimates it picked up 865 in machine recount. What a bust for Bill Nelson.

8.38pm GMT

Democrats are preparing a number of rules changes for when they take control of the House in January. These include slowing the legislative process to allow for more time to be considered and making easier for bills with majority support but opposed by party leadership to receive a vote.

NEW look at Democrats’ House rules proposals: 72-hour rule for floor votes; streamlined discharge petitions, changes to Motion to Vacate, and much more…https://t.co/Z41JmpFqEN

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Source: theguardian