Here's something to fuel your Get Out the Vote weekend

Democrats winning back the Senate next Tuesday is a major long shot, but this year it seems like anything can happen. If you need some incentive in your Get Out the Vote efforts to help make that anything happen, here you go: Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown chairing the Senate Banking Committee. Here he’s talking with CNBC’s John Harwood.

John Harwood: If you guys win the Senate, you’ll be the chairman of the Banking Committee. Even if you don’t, a potential Democratic takeover of the House would give you more leverage as the ranking member of the Banking Committee. You gave a speech earlier this year where you said that you thought there was something fundamentally rotten in American finance. What is it that’s rotten?

Sherrod Brown: Well, what’s rotten on Wall Street is the influence the financial services industry continues to exert on Congress. Whenever they want something, they almost always get it. There’s this collective amnesia that’s set in on Congress, especially on Republicans, but a few Democrats, from time to time, where they forgot what happened 10 years ago.

They forgot that it was Wall Street greed and overreach that cost hundreds of billions of dollars in retirement savings, cost millions of jobs, caused millions of foreclosures. And now, Wall Street comes knocking again. They want to deregulate this administration’s appointees to a number of federal regulatory agencies, want to deregulate foreign banks in the United States. They want to weaken capital requirements on Wall Street. They want to weaken the consumer protection bureau.

Just something to ruminate over as you plan your weekend’s Get Out the Vote activities.

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Source: dailykos