How can the GOP cripple health care, Social Security, Medicare, while driving huge deficits and win?

I live in Texas so I do not see the ads in what is likely considered more competitive districts. But if one extrapolates the tonality of interviews, on cable news channels and on the Sunday shows, one wonders why we do not take a more attacking posture.

Donald Trump, right-wing media, and to some extent the mainstream media continue to tout the economy. Americans tend to take things at face value especially when coming from many sources in a repetitive manner. It is not clear that Democrats have been framing the message as easy as it should be.

We must reiterate the following—Republicans should be entirely on the defensive on health care, a booming economy for the few, a tax cut that will force the reduction of Social Security and Medicare, the poisoning of their base with deregulations, low unemployment with no post-inflation wage gain, and much more. But they are building a clear message, the economy is doing great so why take a chance with the Democrats. In politics, one must put the opposition on the defensive first. Remember the phrase, “If you are explaining, then you are losing.”

Republicans are starting to build a cohesive message that all conservative and right-wing media, politicians and pundits are rolling off of their tongue ad nauseam. And they are doing it in a conniving manner. …

It is still not too late. However, anyone who remembers the Buffalo Bills comeback on the Houston Oilers should have pause. To date, it is still the largest comeback in NFL history. Democrats could themselves make history if they don’t fight as if they are ten points behind. They must put Republicans on the defensive making them defend the ACA/preexisting conditions sabotage, their hypocrisy as they rack up unheard-of deficits, the poisoning of their constituents with deregulation and much more. It is not at all difficult for us to repeat these issues that will help all Americans in their daily lives ad nauseam. Democrats must not allow Republicans to put them on the defensive based on lies using smoke and mirrors as their method of deflection. It is time to win once and for all.

Not unlike Reagan, Trump has a sugar-coated boost built on top of a solid Obama economy. It was refreshing to read Robert Freeman’s Common Dreams article “The Market Weighs in on Trump’s Economic Policies.” Trump is Reagan on steroids. Americans are being hoodwinked into believing that the current economy is real and sustainable. Math will prevail, and a bad crash and social program disruptions are on the horizon. Here is why.

Source: dailykos