Is there a clue about what Flynn told the special counsel at the very bottom of his agreement?

The sentencing documents for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn have been heavily redacted, enough so that exactly what Flynn shared with Special Counsel Robert Mueller can be difficult to deduce. But while people have parsed every word of the rather cryptic remains in an effort to peer behind all that black ink, there are some words at the very bottom that many overlooked.

Counsels listed on Michael Flynn’s sentencing documents

Those other names at the bottom of the document are lawyers who have been part of Robert Mueller’s special counsel team, so to find their names on the document isn’t surprising. However, the focus of these two attorneys is interesting.

CNN reported that Brandon Van Grack left the special counsel’s office in October, after taking part in the questioning of Paul Manafort. He left to “return to his job in the National Security Division of the Justice Department” where he’s a specialist in international espionage. However, it was known at his departure that Van Grack would continue to be involved in matters related to Flynn. But what’s most interesting about Van Grack is his history before Mueller added him to the operations. As Daily Beast reported, Van Grack’s experience is in counter-espionage cases. 

He’s gone after a member of the Assad-aligned Syrian Electronic Army, helped lock up an Iranian national who tried to smuggle sophisticated technology out of the U.S., and helped successfully prosecute a Michigander who tried to spy for China.

All of that could argue that Van Grack is a good fit whether Flynn was talking about his work for Turkey, or the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. But there’s another case that seems particularly relevant: Van Grack successfully prosecuted a hacker who shared stolen U.S. documents with ISIS. 

Source: dailykos