Italy v USA: international friendly – live!

9.09pm GMT

66 mins: I am so proud of the Guardian readership’s attempts to extract meaning from this contest. Here’s Tim Singleton:

“It has disturbed me for a while the similarities between the stand-in U.S. coach and the stand out Twin Peaks character Leland Palmer. The coaching style seen as Lynchian could explain a lot. If it is, in fact, Leland Palmer, more. I say we keep him as things could only get ‘interesting’.”

9.07pm GMT

64 mins: Oooh…that was interesting. Acosta whipped in a great free kick to the back post that bounced nicely into the path of Zimmerman, to force a point blank headed save from Sirigu. He’s had nothing to do tonight, but that was a key stop from the Italian keeper.

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Source: theguardian