John Bolton on Trump taking North Korean dictator 'at his word': 'My opinion doesn't matter'

Trump national security adviser and disgraced nonsense-peddler John Bolton was on the Sunday shows today to defend his idiot boss from the widespread perception that his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, which was cut short amid accusations from both sides, was a failure. But he also took a moment to throw his boss a wee bit under the bus.

Asked during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” whether he takes Kim at his word, Bolton replied, “My opinion doesn’t matter … I am not the national security decision-maker. That’s [Trump’s] view.”

Noting that Donald Trump takes murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, a man who runs his entire nation as prison camp, at his word is the sort of thing that Trump’s detractors emphasize as symptom of the man’s continued incompetence. (Trump has continued his bizarre habit of believing the word of dictators over those of even his closest advisers, whether it be the Saudi government’s murder of a Washington Post journalist or Vladimir Putin’s assurances that Russia is completely innocent of hacking charges leveled against them by the whole of the American intelligence community. It seems, at this point, pathological.)

Refusing to back his boss up on this “opinion” is certainly understandable. While the ultrahawkish Bolton was willing to swallow a lot to regain the ear of a White House, nodding his head on the supposed trustworthiness of Trump’s dictatorial would-be allies is … too much. But Bolton’s dodging response may be the most diplomatic thing the anti-diplomat has ever mustered; no doubt Trump will hear Bolton’s words as praise for the “decision maker”, brushing aside the parts where Bolton is unwilling to repeat Dear Leader’s own conclusions.

It is not necessarily true that the North Korean summit was a failure, however; for the North Koreans, it appears to have again been a rousing, if inexplicable, success. The Trump administration announced this weekend that they would be ending the long-held joint U.S.-South Korean spring military training exercises, replacing them with a scaled down version in a theoretical effort to “reduce tension and support our diplomatic efforts to achieve complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”.

Source: dailykos