Look—23 Democrats are already running for president. But no, a white guy won't win

Yesterday, former West Virginia congressional candidate Richard Ojeda—a Trump-voting, pro-gun Democrat—announced his bizarre candidacy for U.S. president. For some reason, some progressives cheered, as though THIS is what America needs now, as if there was a dearth of actual liberals more representative of their party vying for the 2020 crown. 

Here’s the state of play: I’m counting more than 23 Democrats considering a presidential bid. Here they are, in no particular order: 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts); Sen. Kamala Harris (California); Sen. Corey Booker (New Jersey); former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Virginia); former Gov. Deval Patrick (Massachusetts); Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota); Mayor Mitch Landrieu (New Orleans); Mayor Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles); Howard Schulz (Starbucks CEO); Tom Steyer (billionaire); former Mayor Michael Bloomberg (New York City); Gov. John Hickenlooper (Colorado); Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont); Gov. Steve Bullock (Montana); Michael Avenatti (obnoxious lawyer); Rep. John Delaney (Maryland); Rep. Tim Murphy (OH); Gov. Andrew Cuomo (New York); Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand (New York); former VP Joe Biden; former Attorney General Eric Holder; Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio); and others I’m forgetting. 

Yup, it’ll be that crazy. 

Lots of great options in that crowd, and lots of potential villains. But here’s the thing: in a cycle where record numbers of women ran and won, in a party which won big because of women (which voted Democratic 59-40 last week), and in a climate in which women are key drivers of the Resistance—from the Women’s March, to #BlackLivesMatter, to leadership in new groups like Sister District and Indivisible—you have to be particularly daft if you think the zeitgeist is calling for a white male Democratic savior. 

Source: dailykos