Magnus Carlsen barely saves draw as Fabiano Caruana misses win in Game 6 epic – live!

9.33pm GMT

One final sequence (75. Bb3 Kd6 76. Bc2 Ke5 77. Bd3 Kf4 78. Bc2 Ng4 79. Bb3 Ne3 80. h6 Bxh6) and the players agree to a draw after 80 moves and six and a half hours. Caruana misses a complex win with a false step in the final reel (68. … Bh4!!)!

What a save by the world champion. The world championship match is deadlocked at 3-all at the halfway point.

9.24pm GMT

Caruana keeps probing with 67. … Bg5 and Carlsen answers with 68. Bc4. And after Caruana’s 68. … Nf3 the engine says the position is no longer winning. Simply breathtaking defense by the world No 1 and reigning champion. On they go: 69. Kh7 Ne5 70. Bb3 Ng4 71. Bc4 Ne3 72. Bd3 Ng4 73. Bc4 Nh6 74. Kg6 Ke7.

Both players are under 14 minutes on their clocks and, crucially, there are no time controls ahead, although the players do receive a 30-second increment with each move. Here’s what we’re looking at.

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Source: theguardian