Manchester City v Liverpool: Premier League – live!

9.00pm GMT

Half-time emails

“Amazingly, I’m feeling pretty serene about this,” Matt Dony says. “I mean, Liverpool almost certainly won’t go through the whole season unbeaten, so I can’t stress too much over being behind. And it seems hard to believe that Liverpool won’t score at least one goal. This is an unfamiliar feeling. I’m used to simple despair after bad results, and a fear that things will soon go wrong after good results, with very little in between. A semi-confident acceptance, with the sure knowledge that there will be good results in the rest of the season, is alien, uncertain territory. I don’t like it.”

8.48pm GMT

It’s been frenetic and absorbing and City have a crucial lead thanks to a poacher’s goal from the magnificent Sergio Aguero. Liverpool will feel aggrieved to be behind, though. They’ll argue that Vincent Kompany should be off and they’ll also reflect on that ridiculous early scramble in City’s area. It’s all to play for in the second half. See you in 15 minutes. I’m off to get some cherries.

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Source: theguardian