McCarthy stands by Trump, defending insurrection and instigation of a coup

The official talking points for Republican lawmakers have been issued, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is on it. Let’s just preface this with the context: five people have died—two of them killed—by insurrectionists attempting to overthrow the government and the results of the presidential election. That was instigated by Donald Trump and there is every indication that this wasn’t a rally gone bad. It was a full-fledged and plotted coup attempt. Plotted. In the White House. Blood was shed and lives were lost in the United States Capitol. The people’s house. At Trump’s behest and orders.

More context. McCarthy returned to the House Chamber in the aftermath of that insurrection and occupation of the Capitol—walking past wreck and ruin of the building, broken furniture, shattered glass, bullet holes, human waste—and voted with 139 other House Republicans to throw out the votes of the citizens of Arizona and Pennsylvania. Based on QAnon lies and conspiracy theories and Trump fantasies. With that context, that waste of skin and oxygen gives the GOP narrative: “Impeaching the President with just 12 days left will only divide our country more.”

As if literally nothing divides this country more than instigating and defending armed insurrection. There’s three more paragraphs of that seditious drivel which you need not be subject to. Just let it be known that the highest-ranking member of the Republican Party in the House is unapologetically standing with the traitors. Oh, and as recently as 2016, he <a href="
“>believes that Vladimir Putin pays Trump. McCarthy is a traitor. He should be expelled.

Source: dailykos