McConnell still trying to push judges, Schumer still saying 'nope'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took a stab at deflecting progressive ire onto Democrat Chuck Schumer Tuesday, floating the idea that Schumer was in talks with him about passing a package of judges as part of the spending deal to avert a shutdown.

Schumer slapped that rumor down, fast. His press secretary Justin Goodman told Daily Kos: “Judges were neither discussed nor mentioned in the meeting.” McConnell continued to push the idea, however, saying that “the Democratic leader and I will be talking about nominations,” even though Schumer says no. For now, anyway.

“Our job right now is to get the government funded without a wall. We have had no discussion about judges. None,” he said. Please keep it that way, Sen. Schumer. 

Source: dailykos