Megyn Kelly is getting all $69 million from NBC

Shocking absolutely no one who had ever seen Megyn Kelly speak on television, Megyn Kelly ended her brief spin at NBC by saying something racist.

Kelly’s first move at NBC was to interview Alex Jones, a carnival-barking hate-monger whose career highlights include spreading the appalling lie that the Sandy Hook massacre was  “false flag” and the parents of murdered children were “crisis actors.” And her last, as it turned out, was a segment on Halloween costumes that all parties involved probably thought would be pretty benign until Kelly told her viewers that when she was a kid, it was okay to wear blackface if you were dressing up in character.

In these hyper-sensitive times, she said, “I can’t keep up with the number of people that we’re offending just by being normal people.”

Kelly apologized but, considering her time at NBC had been a failure by every conceivable metric (including that most important number: ratings), it seemed clear that her time at the network had come to its inevitable early conclusion. Within days, her show was canceled.

Weeks of negotiations later, Kelly is walking away from NBC with her $69 million contract in tact in what the network is spinning as a kind of conscious uncoupling: “The parties have resolved their differences, and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC.”

Essentially, this means Kelly is being paid in full for a job she did not come close to completing — at present, she’s only halfway through her three-year contract — and that she never did particularly well. But NBC is sticking with the terms of the contract, which require them to pay Kelly the remaining $30 million.

The NBC deal includes a non-disparagement clause but reportedly does not include a noncompete clause, meaning Kelly could be back on our screens in time to remind Americans to, who knows, keep the Saint in St. Valentine’s Day, even though lefty snowflakes want to suck the Christianity out of this beautiful country and replace it with socialism.

On Thursday, Kelly told TMZ that “you will definitely see me back on [TV]” this year, although at present, she does not have an agent.


Source: thinkprogress