Melania is the most liked member of the Trump family, according to new poll

Another day, another utterly bizarre story about the Trump family. While it’s no surprise that Donald isn’t the most popular among the Trumps, YouGov and the Economists conducted a poll that revealed who, exactly, is. And surprisingly, it’s a Trump who doesn’t really care… but apparently, we do?

Or at least, people who participated in the poll between March 3 and March 5 do, because 51 percent of respondents said they had a favorable (or somewhat favorable) opinion of none other than first lady Melania Trump. Yes, that’s right. The woman who claimed to be the most bullied person in the world.

36 percent of respondents dislike Melania, and 13 percent report not knowing how they feel.

How did the other Trumps rank? Ivanka and Donald Trump tied in second place, each coming in at about a 44 percent favorability rating. Donald Trump Jr. came in at 36, Eric Trump at 32, and lastly, Jared Kushner (the only in-law included in the poll) rounded out the pack at 27.

Notice anyone missing? While it makes sense that Barron, Donald’s 12-year-old son, wouldn’t be included in the poll, they’ve also left off Tiffany Trump, which is a headscratcher. Trump’s grandchildren also weren’t included.

Source: dailykos