Midday open thread: A bitter Chris Christie, a spit in the eye, and Apollo 11

Today’s comic by Matt Bors is Law and order on the border:

From the Des Moines Register editorial board:

Congressman Steve King should resign. He has lost even the potential to effectively represent his Iowa constituents because of his abhorrent comments about white nationalism and white supremacy.

The move by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to strip King of his committee assignments leaves Iowa without a seat on the vital House Agriculture Committee, as well as judiciary. It also leaves King with far less opportunity to work for his constituents on critically important rural development issues.

Not that King has seemed particularly interested in working for his district in recent years. Instead of holding town-hall meetings with his constituents, King spent many congressional breaks globe-trotting to Europe and hobnobbing with hard-right, nationalist leaders.These meetings apparently served to reinforce his own warped views of cultural purity and immigration.

Apparently Chris Christie is still bitter that he didn’t get the Big Mac-fetching job at the White House, but not quite bitter enough to directly blame Donnie himself:

Christie asserts that Trump has a “revolving door of deeply flawed individuals — amateurs, grifters, weaklings, convicted and unconvicted felons — who were hustled into jobs they were never suited for, sometimes seemingly without so much as a background check via Google or Wikipedia.”


Former U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward’s husband was accused of spitting in the eye of one of her former volunteers because the volunteer subsequently supported her former political foe, Martha McSally, police records obtained Tuesday show

On this day:


The launch of Apollo 11, the first Lunar landing mission, on July 16, 1969 pic.twitter.com/EeCzwmaJ8W

— History In Pictures (@HistoryInPics) January 16, 2019

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter make today’s news rounds. The shutdown continues to tank Trump’s numbers. Barr pretends not to know what the emoluments clause is about. T-Mobile aims to show him. Pelosi shuts down the SOTU.

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