Midday open thread: A gun gets past the TSA, a gymnast scores a perfect 10, and a grim statistic

Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is The stupidverse:

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A passenger managed to slip a gun past screeners at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and fly with it all the way to Tokyo, federal officials confirmed to CBS News. He alerted Delta Air Lines workers when the plane got to its destination,  the carrier confirmed. […]

The Transportation Security Administration told CBS News, “TSA has determined standard procedures were not followed and a passenger did in fact pass through a standard screening TSA checkpoint with a firearm at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on January 2.



Note to self: Go to a UCLA gymnastics meet pic.twitter.com/nrwXtjmBVN

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) January 13, 2019


For the first time on record the odds of accidentally dying from an opioid overdose in the United States are now greater than those of dying in an automobile accident.


The mayor of Gdansk, Poland, a leading liberal critic of the populist, right-wing national government, died on Monday after being stabbed at a public charity concert Sunday night, the minister of health told reporters.

Mayor Pawel Adamowicz, 53, the mayor of the northern port city since 1998, was known as a supporter of gay rights, and he had campaigned for the rights of immigrants in a country whose governing party has leaned heavily on anti-immigrant rhetoric.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Both the shutdown and the puppetry continue. Greg Dworkin’s polling notes say everyone sees it but the evangelicals. Don’t forget McConnell’s role, either. The Trump Touch hits Syria & Afghanistan. Is the National Enquirer back at work for Trump?

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