Midday open thread: Gun extremists want eastern WA to secede; scientist—CA fire warnings too weak

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NRA-backed extremists want eastern Washington to secede and form a pro-gun state: After 60 percent of Washington state voters approved a package of modest gun law reforms earlier this month, the secession idea was reiterated by Jim Lydigsen, according to a webpage of the Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF).The new gun restrictions include more thorough background checks and a waiting period for anyone buying a semi-automatic military-style rifle, an age limit of 21 or older to buy such weapons, and safe-storage requirements for all firearms. The leading promoter of secession is Republican state representative Matt Shea, an extremist who has written a manifesto pointing out the “biblical basis” for launching a religious holy war to stop abortion and same-sex marriage. He seeks a 51st state hacked from eastern Washington and named “Liberty.”

Black conservatives object to renaming of Ben Carson High School: The Detroit Board of Education decided to rename Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine after members reacted to opposition to the Trump regime among the city’s residents. But a black conservative group, Project 21, objected to the renaming, which it labeled “a purely political” act. The school had been named after neurosurgeon Carson before he was chosen by Trump to head up the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


Scientist says California’s alarming warnings on wildfires don’t go far enough:

“I think what we have been observing has consistently been outpacing what we’ve been predicting,” said LeRoy Westerling, professor of management of complex systems at the University of California, Merced, who modeled the risk of future wildfires as part of the California Climate Change Assessment released in August.

The report estimated that the average area burned by wildfires would increase 77 percent by 2100 and the frequency of extreme wildfires would increase by nearly 50 percent if global greenhouse gas emissions continue at a high rate.

Broward County election supervisor resigns:

The supervisor of elections for Broward County, Florida — Brenda Snipes — who has faced national scrutiny in recent days for her county’s chaotic performance during the recount in the Florida Senate and gubernatorial races, resigned on Sunday, The Sun Sentinel reported. […]

Her county’s performance during the most recent recount — which was delayed by faulty machines and missing ballots, prompting Gov. Rick Scott (R) to make unsubstantiated allegations of voting fraud — is just the latest in a string of mismanaged election issues in Broward under her supervision.

Anti-vaccination stronghold in North Carolina struck with chickenpox: At the Asheville Waldorf School, which enrolls children from nursery school to 6th grade in Asheville, N.C., 12 chickenpox infections at the beginning of November grew to 36 by Friday, the worst outbreak at the school since the vaccine started being used 20 years ago. The two-dose treatment has vastly reduced the disease that once infected about 90 percent of the U.S. population. A study shows that while the  varicella zoster virus that causes chickenpox hasn’t been wiped out, the nationwide incidence of infection is 9 to 10 times lower than before the vaccine was in use. But many families at the school object to vaccinations on religious grounds. That’s not the only place or reason for objecting. In schools around the nation, some parents don’t want their children vaccinated because they believe junk science that claims vaccines cause autism. No scientific studies back this up. As a consequence of the misguided opposition, the percentage of children under 2 years old who haven’t received any vaccinations has grown fourfold since 2001, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Chickenpox is not only serious, but also “life-threatening, especially in babies, adolescents, adults, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems,” the CDC says.

Oh, Newt, get real.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin recaps another weekend in Pleasure! And Paradise. The blue wave continues rolling in. As Trump begins to lose his grip, noted genius Maco Rubio decides he has to become Trumpier. CIA pins Khashoggi on MBS. WH set to ban Acosta again.

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