Midday open thread: Nazis, trees, and poaching

Today’s comic by Matt Bors is How the wall gets built:

A timeless reminder: 



— Speaker Nancy’s Anger Translator (@CocoaSwann) August 17, 2017

Good call:

Joshua Tree National Park will be temporarily closed as of Thursday morning because of damage caused by visitors during the partial government shutdown. Park officials said few rangers are on hand to prevent off-road driving, which causes destruction of the park’s namesake trees.

“While the vast majority of those who visit Joshua Tree National Park do so in a responsible manner, there have been incidents of new roads being created by motorists and the destruction of Joshua trees in recent days that have precipitated the closure,” the park said in a statement.

Your worst nightmare—well, except for crashing:

More than 100 passengers scheduled to fly from Boston to Los Angeles on an Alaska Airlines flight ended up enduring a 30-hour travel nightmare after a series of mishaps, according to reports. […]

Once they finally arrived in Los Angeles, some passengers were given more bad news: Some of their checked bags didn’t make it onto their new flight.

Presumably there was no date:

An Oklahoma woman was slapped with a hefty fine after showing off an illegal deer kill on a dating app to a potential suitor — who happened to be a state game warden.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, with Greg Dworkin & Joan McCarter: Trump’s “speech” panned as rally rehash. Shutdown breaking Gop ranks? Manafort accidentally releases collusion evidence. Trump Tower Russian charged. Caught in a grubby sales tax scam; Trump turned “rat.”

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