Midday open thread: Nov. 6 elections could end climate caucus charade; China's 'reeducation school'?

13 days left until the last ballots are cast in Nov. 6 Congressional elections

Today’s comic by Matt Bors is The real gang carnage terrorizing our inner cities:

BBC: Secret camps may hold Muslims China has arrested: China has long been hard-nosed about the Muslims—mostly ethnic Uygurs—in its sprawling, far west Xinjiang region. Human rights advocates have accused Beijing of locking up hundreds of thousands of them. But the government claims otherwise, saying these people are voluntarily attending special “vocational schools” that combat “terrorism and religious extremism.” Satellite images show that sometime between 2015 and April 2018, in an area close to the small town of Dabancheng previously empty of structures, a gigantic compound had been built. The exterior wall is 2 kilometers long and contains 16 guard towers. While under scrutiny of numerous police officials, reporters on the ground discovered major construction going at the site before they were ordered to turn off their cameras and leave. They subsequently found another satellite photo taken this month that shows how much the site has grown in six months. The few people the reporters could get to speak to them in the town out of earshot of government minders called the place a “re-education school.” One resident said: “There are tens of thousands of people there now. They have some problems with their thoughts.”

Hundreds of free films to stream courtesy of the Library of Congress: 

The Library of Congress has unveiled its new National Screening Room, a free collection of digitized historical films, commercials, newsreels and other clips. According to the library, most of the movies are in the public domain and are available for downloading; others are only available to stream.

The National Screening Room is something of a time capsule: The videos cover the period from 1890 through 1999, capturing a broad range of American life. Notable films include home movies by the songwriters George and Ira Gershwin; issues of the “All-American News,” a newsreel intended for black audiences in the mid-20th century; and a selection of instructional films about mental health from the 1950s.

The single winning Mega Millions ticket bought in South Carolina is worth $1.5 billion: The winning numbers were 5-28-62-65-70, with a Mega Ball number of 5. Lottery officials said 75 percent of all possible combinations were purchased before the drawing. If the winner chooses a lump-sum payment rather than spread the take over 30 years, the check will be for $828 million.



the 41 abortion clinics bombed by right-wing extremists since 1977 could not be reached for comment https://t.co/W1Vhtj6yu6

— Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) October 24, 2018

Fox News host claims he didn’t realize buying $600 Make America Great Again Xmas tree ornaments  from the Donald Trump website was a campaign contribution: “There’s no secret, there’s no ‘ah ha’ moment,” Brian Kilmeade said. “There’s, ‘I bought ornaments two years ago before Christmas for people that like Donald Trump.’”

Midterm congressional elections may end that joke called the Climate Solutions Caucus: At Grist, Natasha Geiling notes that 90-member bipartisan caucus has proved to be a do-nothing charade, most of the 45 Republicans in it using it a disguise for their cowardly approach for dealing with climate change:

As the caucus welcomes former climate deniers and would-be-EPA abolishers in the name of bipartisanship, progressive climate activists are calling for it to disband. They’ve labeled it the “peacocks” caucus, a place for vulnerable Republicans to gain environmental credentials without taking any risks—credentials that could come in handy in places like Virginia, Florida, and California, where more voters care about climate change than in the country overall.

“The requirements for admissions to the caucus seem to be that you need to be politically vulnerable, you have to have a pulse, and you have to be arguably human,” [said RL Miller, co-founder of Climate Hawks Vote]. Her view is that the caucus is “strictly political cover for vulnerable Republicans.”

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Lol yolo nothing matters! This has turned into some kind of a day. Greg Dworkin & Armando round up Trump’s absurd lies on every subject imaginable, plus some imaginary ones, and things just got worse from there. Either the worst show ever, or genius.

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