Midterm elections: voters battle storms, technical glitches and long lines to cast ballots – live

9.08pm GMT

Rainbow flags and colorful floral memorials now surround Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, and photographs of the victims in happier times brighten the outside of a building where a gunman took 49 lives and wounded 53 others in one of the worst mass shootings in US history.

But voters who were taking their time to look around the memorials on a sunny election day afternoon say the horror of that June 2016 night still resonates throughout the city, and was a driving force in the decisions they made at the polling booth today.

9.03pm GMT

Donald Trump has sent a last minute tweet urging voters to support Congressman Randy Hultgren in Illinois’s 14th district.

Congressman Randy Hultgren (R) of Illinois is doing a great job. Get out and Vote for Randy – Total Endorsement!

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Source: theguardian