Mulvaney's plan for Trump: Have more rallies. Lots and lots of rallies.

Now that Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney has become Donald Trump’s next sacrificial chief of staff, a job he wanted very very badly to get, according to Politico, the obvious question is whether Mulvaney will run afoul of Trump’s ego in the manner that former chiefs Reince Priebus and John Kelly so quickly did. Will he attempt to rein in Trump’s worst impulses? Will he try his best to pressure Trump into not wasting his days away watching Fox & Friends or shouting at clouds? Will he try to limit the number of weird Trump friends and family members who can call him up or waltz into the Oval Office and suggest, to Donald, yet another new grift or bizarre rewrite of the nation’s governing policies?

The answer appears to be no, no, and definitely absolutely no. According to Politico’s sources, Mulvaney’s plan is instead to oblige Trump’s need for constant attention by sending him out onto one long, unending road trip of shouting hell.

White House aides say he is unlikely to attempt to reform the president’s habits of spending much of his time watching television and tweeting, or to curtail the influence of Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, on the policymaking process.

Instead, Mulvaney is expected to get Trump on the road as much as possible heading into his reelection campaign, capitalizing on the president’s love of campaign rallies while trying to sprinkle into the events as much policy talk on taxes and regulation as he can.

Willingly inflicting more Donald Trump on the nation at this point is something close to a war crime, but Mulvaney has long been one of the more eager, cough, obligers of the Trumpian ego.

For the record, the odds of this rapidly descending into chaos are extremely high. Granted, John Kelly has hardly been doing a damn thing of late (previous reporting suggested that, after too many battles with Trump, Kelly began to largely phone in his job, instead sitting back and watching as the room burned down around him) but a chief of staff coming to the job with an explicit plan of letting Donald stew in his own juices, grind up his little pills and sniff his way to the next elections?


Source: dailykos