Nearly everyone who opposes the wall also opposes funding Trump's request in order to end shutdown

Democrats have no reason to budge. Pew Research released polling Wednesday with one predictable finding and another not-so-predictable finding. A solid majority of Americans—58 percent—still oppose the wall. Once more, when it comes to compromising on funding the wall in order to end the government shutdown, those who oppose the wall are even more adamant in their opposition than those who support it.

While around 7 in 10 people who support building the wall said they wouldn’t be open to any compromise on Donald Trump’s funding request, nearly 9 in 10 respondents who oppose the wall indicated they also oppose making any compromise that includes funding Trump’s request—even if it’s the only way to reopen the government.

What that means in real numbers is quite stunning, given that overall opposition to the wall is nearly 20 points higher than support for it: A majority of Americans, 51 percent, oppose meeting Trump’s border wall demand in order to end the shutdown.

Does that 29 percent who both support Trump’s wall and oppose compromising on it sound familiar to anyone?

Trump doesn’t have any idea how badly he’s losing this battle nationwide and, for now, Senate Republicans still think there’s more upside than downside to sticking with Trump. That’s what the House GOP caucus thought, too—and it ended badly for them.

Source: dailykos