New Migrant Caravan Headed to US From El Salvador

A new caravan of migrants formed in El Salvador this weekend and is headed to the United States. The caravan is being promoted on Facebook with the phrase, “El Salvador emigra por un futuro mejor” (El Salvador emigrates for a better future).

The caravan started with around 300 people early Sunday morning, reported Reuters stringer Amndré Rentería via Twitter. Another report by put the number at 500. Like the other two larger caravans headed to the U.S. from Honduras (one now in Mexico the other in Guatemala), this one will likely grow in numbers as it comes up through Central America.

The migrants say they are fleeing poverty, crime and corruption.

A “tour guide map” with migrant routes through Mexico to the United States.

Caravan on the move (EEUU is Spanish shorthand for Estados Unidos–United States.)

With police escort (at end of video clip).

Some migrants getting rides.

Photos of the caravan. One shows a leader with raised fist addressing the migrants.

More photos.

U.S. Ambassador Jean Manes posted a video on Friday imploring El Salvadorans to not immigrate illegally.




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