NFL divisional round playoffs: Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots – live!

  • Winner will play Kansas City Chiefs for place in Super Bowl
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9.13pm GMT

Chargers 22-41 Patriots, 5:04, 4th quarter

The Patriots drive falters at the LA 40. The Patriots go to punt… and there’s a false start penalty. That’s another five yards but they might prefer to take the time off the clock. Allen’s punt puts the Chargers at their own 2. That’s the nail in the coffin there.

9.10pm GMT

Chargers 22-41 Patriots, 7:38, 4th quarter

Have to think that there’s an onside kick coming from the Chargers. There is and it goes nine yards, Nick Ebner makes the catch at the Chargers 44.

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Source: theguardian