NFL wildcard round: Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears – live!

9.08pm GMT

Welcome to the fourth an final game of Wild Card Weekend! The defending champion Philadelphia Eagles are on the road against the Chicago Bears. It will be something of a challenge, not only are they in hostile territory, they are facing a very tough Bears defense.

If they win, the legend of Nick Foles will only grow. One of the most improbable Super Bowl MVPs in NFL history, he can pretty much expect a statue in Philadelphia should he win a few more games.

4.00pm GMT

Hunter will be here shortly, in the meantime here’s his rundown of today’s game:

What the Eagles need to do to win: Rely on Nick Foles’s magic? At this point it’s ridiculous to think that the Eagles’ backup QB can keep leading them to victory whenever Carson Wentz goes down. But, hey, it keeps happening so why not keep believing? After earning Super Bowl MVP honors last year, Foles came in for Wentz again this season and helped the Eagles rattle off three straight wins to make the postseason.

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Source: theguardian