On Russia, most Americans trust Mueller's version of the facts much more than Trump's crooked truth

Donald Trump’s pattern of persistent and deceitful lying on Russia is coming back to haunt him, with public polling showing that most Americans view Trump as a dishonest windbag compared to special counsel Robert Mueller.

The latest Washington Post-Schar School poll shows that Americans trust Mueller’s “version of the facts” regarding Russia more than Trump’s by more than 20 points—56 to 33 percent. Predictably, the numbers break along partisan lines, but independent voters believe Mueller over Trump by 57 to 29 percent.

Similar to other polls, the survey found a very strong 81 percent of respondents support making the report’s findings public, with 64 percent indicating they feel “very strong” about that.

Also, if the report finds that Trump obstructed justice or directed members of his campaign to conspire with Russia in support of his candidacy, more than six in 10 Americans say Congress should impeach him. Specifically, 61 percent say any Trump-Russia coordination should result in impeachment, while 65 percent agree that Trump interfering with the investigation warrants impeachment. 

Source: dailykos