Our 2020 nominee will look like the Democratic Party, and that's not a white guy

Let’s take a look at who showed up for the Democratic Party in 2018:




White Men

White Women




59 40
47 51
39 60
49 49
90 9
69 29
77 23

Barely a third of white men are voting Democratic.

We won big in 2018 thanks to unprecedented support from women and people of color. At an even 49-49, white women are the real electoral battleground. (Republicans won them 56-42 in 2014.)

The energy in the party is certainly coming from those groups. Most of the new Resistance groups are run by women, #BlackLivesMatter and the #MeToo movements have become cultural phenomenons. 

Meanwhile, white men are whining about not being laid and shooting shit up. Yes, yes, not ALL white men. Definitely not anyone reading this site. Interesting to be on the receiving end of that sort of generalization, huh, white guys? But really, white men are the one group propping up the Republican Party. Without them, conservatism is dead. And they remain receptive to the traitor Donald Trump’s message and Fox News against all evidence, in direct contrast to reality. 

What’s that mean? It means for presidential politics, it’s time for a passing of the baton to candidates that look like our party. Not that we have to do anything to make it happen. The party grassroots will deliver on its own. It’s inevitable. 

Source: dailykos