Over and over, Republican ads come back to the same anti-Semitic attack on Jewish candidates

Republicans have, by complete coincidence, come up with the same image for ads about Democratic candidates who happen to be Jewish in races large and small across the country.

Nazi Anti-Semitic Propaganda Poster

No. It’s not exactly that image. But it’s something remarkable similar. In ad after ad, Jewish candidates have been Photoshopped to show them clutching wads of money, or surrounded by stacks of bills often while grinning maniacally. It’s a sad, sickly familiar image that plays off centuries of hate and builds on stereotypes that have proven to be genuinely deadly.

As the Washington Post reports, a little thing like eleven people killed over false allegations that Jewish progressives were funding a “caravan” of immigrants, or bombs being mailed to a Jewish supporter of Democratic candidates, has not slowed down the Republican use of this incredibly recurring image.

… the mailer from a local Republican group attacking Jewish state Senate candidate Jesse Kiehl with the image of a man stuffing a fat stack of hundred dollar bills into his suit. …

In North Carolina, the state Republican Party depicted Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) with what appeared to be a stack of bills in his hand. …

In a hotly contested race outside Seattle, Republicans illustrated Kim Schrier, a Democratic candidate for Congress who is Jewish, with a wad of $20 bills fanned out in her hands. …

In California, a Republican state assembly candidate tinted his Jewish challenger a shade of green in an ad, adding $100 bills into his grip for good measure.

And that list is far from complete. Again and again, when Republicans generate an attack ad against Jewish candidates, the first place they go—is right to more of that good, “old-fashioned nationalism.”

Source: dailykos