Republicans are attacking transgender Americans as sop to extremists. They must be rebuffed

Transgender Americans feel like pawns in a spiteful Trump game, the New York Times reports. And they should, because that is precisely how Trump’s move to unilaterally erase transgender status from the federal books was meant.

“This is a very evidently political move done, approaching the midterms, to garner favor with a portion of the American public who would be encouraged and pleased by this news,” Ms. Bychowski, 31, said. “It’s a reminder that pain is a political tool. A certain portion of the American population takes pleasure at the pain of others.”

Absolutely. There’s not even the slightest question about it. The move is absolutely pointless except as campaign-eve sop to a particularly hateful base that might have been feeling slightly dejected about Dear Leader, what with all the adultery and corruption and rampant stupidity and stone-cold treason and all that. Trump seizes upon a “caravan” of Central American refugees in order to rally the white nationalists and open racists of his base; simultaneously, the administration publicly leaks “consideration” of an anti-transgender policy that would only be applauded by the most rabid of faux-evangelical faux-Christian hatemonsters.

The theory is that the Franklin Grahams of the world, the grotesque cash-rich Jesus-punchers of the televangelical movement, would be giddy with delight at the announcement of such an explicitly hateful policy. The theory is correct. There is a certain subset of “Christianity” whose edicts have long revolved around absolutely nothing but sex: You are allowed to maim, steal, lie, kill, or be an odious adulterous orange Hate Pumpkin if you can do damage to people who are having unapproved sex or who speak about sex in unapproved ways and who, above all, need to be punished for those actions or beliefs or identities. Trump’s evangelical and prosperity-gospel leeches are the David Dukes of false Christianity; they turn to religion solely as effort to justify singling out individuals who should be hated and inventing a new theocracy that provides the framework for how to do it.

Source: dailykos