Roger Federer v Dominic Thiem: ATP Finals group stage – live!

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8.59pm GMT

First set: Roger Federer 5-7 Dominic Thiem: Dominic Thiem holds firm to take the first set! Much like Federer, Thiem stared down a daunting 30-30 situation on his serve. Unlike Federer, rather than balking, Thiem stepped in and scuppered the danger with a brilliant forehand down the line winner. He took the set with more blistering forehands.

Despite some solid serving from Federer throughout the middle of the set, Thiem started the match the more fearless player and he ended the set in the same manner. Nothing less will suffice at this event.

8.54pm GMT

First set: Roger Federer 6-5* Dominic Thiem: Thiem breaks! After streaming through his last four service games and finding such a great rhythm, it’s Federer who blinks first. Federer fought back well from 0-30 to 30-30, but then he badly mistimed a forehand and shanked a backhand long. One bad service game and now Thiem has the chance to serve out the set.

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Source: theguardian