Scott Walker just can't stop lying about how he's trying to take health care away from people

Wisconsin’s embattled Republican Gov. Scott Walker is securing his place in hell (or at least divorce court) for this performance. Standing alongside the occupier of the Oval Office at a rally Wednesday, Walker brought up his wife, Tonette, again with his sob story about how she has Type 1 diabetes. Reiterating his new favorite lie, he told the crowd “we will always cover people like my wife with pre-existing medical conditions. Don’t believe the lies,” he said. And he repeated it: “Don’t believe the lies. We will cover people with pre-existing conditions.”

Walker literally told his attorney general, personally, to join the multi-state lawsuit seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Trump’s Department of Justice joined that case, suing the government with the aim that protections for people with pre-existing conditions will be declared unconstitutional. The two greatest threats to health care in the state of Wisconsin stood on that stage and lied their asses off.

That’s why Democratic opponent Tony Evers is making the vow, should Wisconsin elect him as governor, that his first act in office would be to send a letter to the attorney general withdrawing Wisconsin from the lawsuit.

“I know that the approximately 2.4 million Wisconsinites with a pre-existing condition share my deep concern that this litigation jeopardizes their access to quality and affordable health care,” the letter states. “I cannot continue to allow the use of taxpayer resources toward a lawsuit that could undermine the health security of the people of the state.”

That’s how you protect people’s health care. You don’t sue to take it away.

Watch Trump and Walker’s lie-apalooza in the video below.

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Source: dailykos