Senate narrowly approves McConnell's nuclear plan to give Trump more unqualified nominees, faster

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood on the Senate floor Wednesday and said things like,  “The comprehensive campaign by Senate Democrats to delay Senate consideration of Presidential nominations is now more than two years old … It’s time for this sorry chapter to end.” That was in the debate over his decision to go nuclear again, to set a new Senate precedent cutting debate time on executive nominees other than Cabinet secretaries from 30 hours to just two.

In the first of two votes, 48-51, Republicans made it possible to ram more of Trump’s unqualified and corrupt executive branch nominees through that much faster. Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Susan Collins voted against McConnell.

McConnell argued that the Democrats were showing an unprecedented level of obstruction with the Trump administration, an argument so hypocritical and so over-the-top dishonest that his own body overheated, turning his face an unbecoming tone of beet red. Possibly because he was remembering incidents such as what happened at the end of 2014. That’s when Senate Republicans used the lame duck session to block all of President Barack Obama’s nominees—even the ones that Republicans like John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and Orrin Hatch had put forward.

Yep, McConnell led Republicans in blocking their own nominees, a blockade that remained largely in effect for the final two years of President Obama’s term and created a vacancy crisis across the judiciary, as well as a full-year vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. That was in the hope that what did happen would—a Republican would take over the White House and then McConnell could blow up the remaining Senate norms and stack the courts.

Even with Donald Trump as “president.” Because that’s who Mitch McConnell is.

Source: dailykos